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This cleanse is specially formed for the customer who wants the benefits of a juice cleanse but is weary to go without food for the desired amount of days. We combine our cold pressed juice with some raw food items that will leave you feeling not only satisfied but refreshed.  This cleanse includes for each day:

Flu Shot, this can be taken on it's own or diluted in a glass of warm or cold water.  

Tip: If diluting in glass of warm water, add a little honey for added benefits and to make this a tasty morning drink.

Steel Cut Oats, we combine whole oats, chia seeds, steele cut oats and cinnamon.  This is provided to you dry and we suggest to add 1 cup of either coconut water or your favourite non-dairy milk the night before.  

Tip:  Our hand pressed almond mylk pairs nicely with these oats, two bottles would be enough for your three days.  Another option would be to add a half of a mashed banana for a little sweetness and added texture.

x4 cold pressed juices, flavours include:

  • Good Morning Sunshine (x2)
  • Oma (x1)
  • Cleaning Service (x1)

Our generous, crisp salad will be your afternoon meal.  All raw and filled with dark leafy greens, whole veggies, crunchy chickpeas and a vegan dressing, this will leave you feeling satisfied each day.


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