You have participated in our Groupon - thank you!  Due to the demand that Groupon has created we often need to book these clenases in advance.  All of our product is made by hand and made the day it is ready for pick up and because of this we are limited daily to the quantities we can produce each day.  By doing this we ensure that your product has proper quality control, uses fresh ingredients and is of a high quality, ready for cleansing.   

We book well in advance for any Groupon redemptions.  All orders are scheduled in the order received, we do our best to be as fair as possible.  Upon emailing your request to schedule a cleanse please allow for 2-4 day's to receive a response.  All emails are responded to in the order received so continuing to email daily will only bump the request to the top and delay further response.  For Groupon redemptions we typically book 30 day's to fulfill.  To receive a cleanse within 1-3 day's of order requested, it is best to order a cleanse directly from our website.  We do have a revolving cancellation list that we can add your name to upon scheduling.

Please keep in mind, that the lead time for Groupon redemptions does not reflect wait time for on-line orders.  Any orders place directly from our website are placed into our production schedule within 1-3 business day's of order being placed.  All orders, including Groupon, are scheduled and confirmed so each guest is aware of pick up or delivery time and knows what day's are for cleansing.