what is cold pressed?

Cold pressed means that our juices are created by pressing out the juice using 2 tonnes of pressure, this method of extraction does not oxidize or degrade the ingredients and keeps nutrients and enzymes intact. Heating of any kind will and can kill off these valuable nutrients and enzymes.  

how long do your juices last?

Our juices are not pasteurized, so our juices last up to 3 days optimally in your refrigerator. 

do your juices contain sugar?

Yes, natural sugars.  No refined sugars.

are your juices vegan?

Yes, no animal byproducts are used in the making of our juice.

does our juice contain anything other than what is listed on the ingredients list?

No, our juice does not contain any preservatives or fillers and no water is added to our juice.  

what kind of side effects can I expect?

Our juices are extremely nutrient dense and can effect each person very differently.  You may feel lightheaded, euphoric, increased bowel movements or headaches.  These typically will only last the first few times you implement cold pressed juice into your daily routine.

do you use organic produce?

Yes, we use organic and locally sourced produce whenever available.

what are the benefits of drinking cold pressed juice?

The list is truly endless on the benefits but here are some of our favourite: reduces cravings for sugars and processed foods, reduces inflammation and bloat, helps create the 'glow' your skin has lost, creates clarity in the mind, increases energy, increases your mind’s ability to focus, increases your immunity (therefore, a natural way to defend from the common cold and flu), gives your guts an ability to rest to allow your body to detoxify itself, gives your health a boost and jumpstart, makes you sexy.  Need us to go on?  We can.

can we substitute out ingredients?

We are unable to substitute or remove specific ingredients from any one specific drin


what is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a time where you would only drink cold-pressed, raw juice from various fruits and vegetables for a set period of time.  This could be from 1 day for beginners to 5 days for the more advanced.

who should do a juice cleanse?

Interest is piqued to do a juice cleanse?  That's awesome!  Here are a few suggestions we recommend before going ahead and ordering your cleanse.  You should be already living a healthy lifestyle before cleansing.  This would include:  high intake of whole foods, low intake of processed foods, low intake of refined sugar, exercise 2-5 times per week, already eating 3+ fruits and/or veggies per day, low alcohol intake, no drug use.  

Cleansing is not a way to give you a free pass to lead un-healthy lifestyle.  This should enhance your already established healthy lifestyle.

who should not do a juice cleanse?

 If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, a diabetic or a child it is recommended to not cleanse.  If you are on any type of medication please consult your physician prior to starting any type of cleanse and/or fast.  If you are recovering from a cold/flu wait at least two weeks before cleansing.  If you training physically for an endurance sport it is not recommended.  If you have excessive stress in your life or feel anxious often we suggest that cleansing may not be for you.  Above all, if you have any questions we suggest to consult a physician who knows your medical history.

NOTE: Although the above mentioned are not recommended to cleanse, they can drink our juices but not solely as their daily intake of nutrients.

how to prepare for a cleanse?

You can jump into a cleanse without any prep, however we suggest to reduce eliminate wheat, sugar, caffeine and meat the week leading up to your cleanse.  Each morning of your cleanse we suggest to start your day with a class of warm or room temperature lemon water. 

can I eat while on my cleanse?

Yes!  Especially if you are still exercising while cleansing.  However it is very imported what you eat.  We suggest, avocado (seasoned with kosher salt if you like), warmed vegetable broth, salad (oil/vinegar dressing), roasted root vegetable with olive oil, lightly salted, herbal teas.

does it matter the order I drink the juices?

Yes, we label from 1-6 each day.  It is best to stick to the order we have specified to optimize your detox.

will I loose weight?

You should not do a cleanse to lose weight, it is not the purpose and we cannot condone it. However participants of a cleanse often will lose weight.

how do I break my cleanse?

We recommend breaking your cleanse with simple whole food, vegetarian is best.  This would include vegetable broth with simmered vegetables, roasted root vegetables, a light salad with simple dressing, a baked potato, any foods with a high water content.  We suggest to ease into anything too complicated, spicy or processed.

how will I feel on my cleanse?

Everybody is different.  Some feel great and energized.  Other will feel cranky, lethargic and irritable.  Remember you are DETOXING, that means ridding your body of toxins built up in your body so if you have a lot of toxins and your body is going through some withdrawals of refined sugar's, unhealthy fats and process foods you most likely will feel not yourself.  But we are with you!  Stay strong, you will feel amazing when you have finished, not only physically but mentally charged that you conquered your cleanse.

i'm starving!  what can i do?

If you are really hungry we suggest to increase your water intake in-between each juice.  You should be drinking water in-between each juice this will help with hunger and detoxing.  Sometimes you miss the act of noshing on some food so if you want to be prepared we suggest to have a handful of raw nuts with your juice (the proteins in the nuts will also help combat the natural sugars in the juice), an avocado, extra raw vegetables and herbal tea.

can I drink coffee while cleansing?

This is your cleanse, so yes you can.  However, keep in mind that coffee is acidic and won't benefit you while cleansing.  Adding cream or sugar would be counter-productive.  Cutting out caffeine prior to starting your cleanse would be best.

how much time in between juices?

We recommend drinking a juice every two hours.  Drink it slowly, chew it.  By drinking slowly you are allowing those nutrients to really soak in and do you body good.  Drink water in-between each juice.

chew your juice? what does that mean?

To chew your juice is to drink each drink slowly, no chugging.  Swish your sips in your mouth with will allow for immediate absorption. This really lets those live enzymes, nutrients and goodness soak in from the moment it touches your mouth.

Below is our beginner cleanse general instructions sheet.  Remember this is your cleanse so these are a guideline, however listen to your body and feel free to make adjustments where needed.

Click on image to open and review in a new window.

Click on image to open and review in a new window.

Click on the below image to review our cheat sheet and general instructions.  Remember this is your cleanse so these are a guideline, however listen to your body and feel free to make adjustments where needed.

Click on image to open and review in a new window.

Click on image to open and review in a new window.


i placed an on-line order, now what?

Awesome!  Thank you!  We will be in contact via email within 1 business day of your order to confirm a date and time of pick up or delivery.  

i ordered a Groupon cleanse, how can I redeem this?

Please send us your name, full address (including any apartment number and buzzer number or business name), cell number and your Groupon voucher code to [email protected] and we will response within 1-2 business days with a proposed date.  Typically for Groupon cleanses, due to the demand we book these within 2-3 weeks of email request sent.

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