It’s a Journey

Healthy is sexy, and it’s also a journey—one that Sexy Juice wants to take with you. Wherever you are at in personal fitness and confidence, Sexy Juice wants to come along with you as you get back to the roots of healthy eating and sexy living.

Who you are—that’s what matters to Sexy Juice. Not who the trend-makers or fashion mags say you should be. Sexy Juice founder Summer Dotinga knows that real sexiness comes from being comfortable in your own body, and confident in your health. The journey to vital health and super sexy you is not about fitting into a mould—it’s about breaking it and just being who you are!

From the inside out, Sexy Juice pours in the basic ingredients to living the healthiest, sexiest you, no matter what your size or fitness level.

Wherever you’re at, Sexy Juice wants to be there with you.

What’s your journey been like so far? Let us know!

Posted on June 30, 2014 .