A Winning Combination


Sexy, healthy and tasty. It’s a winning combination.

Each Sexy Juice cocktail is nutrient dense, which is great for optimizing your health and your sexy self.

Now combine that with fresh juice blends that knock it out of the park for flavour, and you’ve got all that it takes.  

Sexy Juice gets down to the natural basics of flavour. Pairing the right juices together is everything when it comes to high-end health and terrific taste.

Just check out the Energizer drink.

This cocktail is great as a snack or a replenishing drink after a work out. It boosts the immune system, helps digestion and heart health. But what does it taste like, right? Just check out the ingredients: apple, pineapple, coconut water. Yep. That’s it. It’s as delicious and refreshing as it sounds (and, pssst, it’s really good for you).

Now, consider that refreshing juice blend is pressed cold and delivered immediately to your home or business.

Sexy doesn’t get any tastier than that.

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Posted on June 26, 2014 .