From the Core

Okay, let’s get one thing straight. If healthy is sexy, then it can’t be boring—because sexy is definitely not boring. And neither is Sexy Juice.

Vibrant, fresh and—well, yummy—Sexy Juice feeds your body the freshest juices, extracted from a variety of fruits, veggies and greens, to help you get your healthy, sexy groove on—feeling it first from the inside and watching it glow on the outside.

Sexy Juice drinker and founder Summer Dotinga believes sexiness is not assessed and handed out by the elite fashion world, or appearance-driven Hollywood media. How hot you are on the outside depends a great deal on how healthy you are in the inside.

With that simple truth in mind, Summer developed a line of juices—each one carefully thought out: keeping nutrition, quality, freshness and flavour at the root of every recipe.

Sexy Juice gets right to the core of who you are and what your body needs, from energy, to focus, to healthy skin and more.

Posted on June 24, 2014 .