Definition: Cold Pressed

We are often asked how or what is cold pressed juice?  In today's world of processed foods someone says 'juice' the first thought that often comes to mind is 'Welches', 'from concentrate' or even the ever consistent 'Five Alive'.

While there is not international reliable definition of cold-pressed, the process of creating cold pressed juice, oils etcetera is constant.  Cold pressed juice (and oils for that matter) is a two step process, the first being to create a mulch or fine grind of the ingredients and the second stepis the pressing of these ingredients at such a high amount of pressed that the juice (or oil) is extracted.  What is left is a flakey, dry pulp that is almost colour-less and most definitely tasteless. The proof is in the pulp, if you will, that all nutrients have been extracted and is now bottled and ready to drink.  This whole process is done below 25 degrees, keeping the temperature low is vital in preserving the nutrients and enzymes whole for optimal nutrition.

So why is this better for you?  Let us count the reasons for you.  

  • By using a masticating juicer, this is non-blade juicer we are keeping nutrient, proteins, enzymes in their whole form.  When using a blade with a high-powered motor the ingredients are being cut and exposed to heat which will remove many of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins kept in our juice.  A key component to drinking cold pressed juice is that it is the closest to eating whole fruits and veggies.  This is why you can drink our juice as breakfast or lunch - it is nutrient dense.  Up to 3 lbs. of produce can be packed into one bottle. To go and purchase this and sit down and graze would day you a lot of time and money.  Cold pressed juice is a convenient way to ensure your a getting those vital nutrients while leading the busy lives we all lead.
  • By masticating and pressing we are not oxidizing the fruits and vegetables with also keeps the nutrients and enzymes intact.
  • Since our juice is raw and un-pasteurized you are ingesting living enzymes.
  • Food that goes bad is good for you.  Yes, our juice will not last in your fridge for weeks on end and that is a good thing.  Our juice contains no preservatives, nothing that is not created or grown by nature.  No added sugars or diluted by water or contain fillers.

And because of all of this, you will truly feel amazing.  We can not stress this enough, your body and mind will thank you.


Posted on June 19, 2014 .